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There are a lot of websites (like this one) that offer lists of "non-chexsystem banks" either for free or for sale. All of the websites state the lists might be (or are) outdated, and many of them appear to have gotten their information from the same source.

In light of that, we're going to do things different here.

While we could copy and paste the same outdated list like everyone else has apparently done, we choose not to.

Instead, today we're going to talk about how to FIND a non-ChexSystems bank if you've been reported to ChexSystems.

Note that you can also dispute with ChexSystems while you're looking for an alternative bank. You may also be able to amend your ChexSystems report to say that all amounts have been paid, which may be enough for some banks to give you a checking account.

And what if you still need a non-ChexSystems bank?

Here are some possible options:

1. Use PayPal. PayPal offers a debit card and the ability to pay people online. While it isn't a "checking account" necessarily, you can link it to a savings account and use it for many regular online and offline transactions.

2. Look to online banks such as ING Direct. According to multiple sources, many online banks do not use ChexSystems. Some may offer "real" checks while others do not. With billpay options, electronic checks, and a debt card... an online bank may provide all you need.

3. Try local credit unions and smaller banks. Many of them do not report to ChexSystems. You don't have to visit the banks to do this. Just grab a phone book and start making calls.

4. Call around and ask banks in your state if they offer "second chance" checking accounts. You can also search online.

5. Consider using an alternative like a pre-paid visa card or a service like "Ibankup" ( that combines a prepaid visa with their online money management portal and offers "online checks".

If you go through the above options it is highly likely that you'll find something that will work for you.

With the popularity of "ebills" and "online billpay" growing rapidly, hand-written checks are not as popular (or necessary) as they used to be. You may be surprised at how functional your financial life can be without ever having to use a traditional checking account.


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