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Free credit reports are available and thank goodness, because now days, more people need them than ever before! The economy has hit most Americans hard. Even consumers who used credit wisely found themselves unemployed and unable to pay their debts. Now more than ever, people are repairing their own credit. At one time, your credit only kept you from obtaining a new line of credit. Now, bad credit can cost you a job or apartment as well. The days of not needing good credit are long gone.

Once you obtain your free credit reports, you have taken the first step in repairing your credit.

There are many sites that offer you free credit reports in exchange for signing up for their services like credit monitoring. These sites are total scams and should be avoided for many reasons. The bottom line is that you should never pay for services in order to get a free credit report. What many people are not aware of is that you can obtain free credit reports without having to buy credit monitoring or any other service.

You can get a copy of all three of your credit reports for free, every 12 months by calling the Free Annual Credit Report Service at 1-877-322-8228. These reports are what we call the standard reports. Your free credit reports should arrive within a couple of weeks.

You can also obtain a free report from each credit reporting agency by placing a fraud alert on one of your credit report files. Whichever bureau you notify will in turn; notify the other credit reporting agencies to activate a fraud alert as well. After the fraud alert is placed on your account, write a letter to each credit reporting bureau, informing them that you have initiated a fraud alert and are eligible for a free copy of your reports.

Finally, if you are denied credit for any reason, you are entitled to a free credit report from the credit reporting agency that furnished the information to the creditor who denied you credit. This is a right that all consumers have under the FCRA. If you are denied credit, you should be provided with a letter indicating which credit reporting agency’s information led to the decision to deny you credit. You will use that letter to obtain your free credit report.

As you can see, obtaining free credit reports is easy. Once you have obtained your credit reports, then the fun begins as you identify opportunities to repair your credit.


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