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Can I Do A Better Job Fixing My Credit Myself?

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Can you really do a better job fixing your credit yourself?

Yes. You can.

In this article we're going to explain one of the biggest reasons why.

Why would you be so much better at fixing your credit than a "professional?"

To help explain, let's start with a true story.

Once, in the Colorado mountains there was a group of people at a popular tourist stop. There were steep drop offs and rocky cliffs. It was a dangerous place to be.

Suddenly, out of the crowd of people, a three year old little girl came running, straight for the edge of a rock that would have undoubtedly resulted in her death if she had reached it.

Luckily, her mother was nearby and moved quickly to grab her before she reached the edge. The girl was safe.

The amazing part of the "close call" that day was this: NOBODY ELSE LUNGED TO SAVE THE GIRL.

Only her mother reacted.

Most of the people there didn't even notice that something horrible almost happened.

There was a whole crowd of people there, and not one person even noticed the little girl squealing happily as she ran towards what seemed would be certain death.

Yet her mother was the only one to act.


Because her mother was the one who cared for her most. It wasn't that the other people in the crowd were stupid, or careless, or that they wanted harm to come to the little girl. There was just no CONNECTION for them, so they didn't have the extra alertness and instinct that goes with that.

So what in the world does this have to do with your credit?


You see, YOU are the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD with a real and personal connection to your credit report. If your credit score is in the toilet, you suffer, and you alone.

It isn't that the people offering to fix your credit are careless (though some might be) or that they don't want to help you. Most of them are probably honest and good people who really want to help.

But there is no way that anyone else in the world will have the same CONNECTION with your credit that you do. Remember, you are the only one that suffers from your low credit score.

There is no way that anyone else in the world will be as watchful or as careful when dealing with your credit as you will.

Much in the same way that the mother was the only one tuned in enough to notice her daughter was in danger, YOU are the only one who can possibly be tuned in enough to your financial life and your credit to give it the cautious and thoughtful attention that it needs.

Because of this, we believe it is ALWAYS better for you to work on your own credit yourself if at all possible.

With the right resources and support (such as those provided with the Credit Repair Intelligence System), you are likely to have far better results than you would using a credit repair company.

We know there are capable professionals out there. And everyone on the mountain that day was capable of saving that little girl.

But only one person had the connection.

And YOU are the ONLY person with that connection when it comes to your credit. It's yours, and nobody else's.

Your credit will almost always be better off in your hands.