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Where Can I Find Qualified Credit Repair Help?

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Let's be honest. Based on the title, you probably think that the purpose of today's lesson is to have a big "pitch fest" for the Credit Repair Intelligence System.

That's part of it.

But there is more to it than that.

Thousands of people are looking for qualified credit repair help in this country, and the results they are getting are "mixed" to say the least.

Chances are that you 1)either are now or 2)have been one of those thousands of people in that past, so today we want to explain HOW to go about looking for credit repair help when you need it--whether you get it from us, or not.

First things first: Where NOT To Find Help.

1. Free online forums. These *can* be great. If you're very net-and-fraud-savvy and have a very fine tuned "B.S." detector, then great. Have fun. You'll also want to have plenty of time on your hands to sift through the thousands and thousands of pages worth of complete garbage on those forums. Even if time isn't an issue, you'll probably want to have other resources available to you, like (for example)...

2. Credit Repair Books. The problem with books is that they are not updated fast enough. We update the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide at least once a year, and (frankly) that's not fast enough either! That is one important reason why we offer the members-only forum as part of the package, because it's a "live update" service that puts you right on the cutting edge.

3. Credit repair letters on the internet. There may have been a time when these were a good idea. That time has passed. The credit bureaus now use "O.C.R." to scan and read your disputes, and compare them to a massive database of disputes already received. Guess what? That means they've probably already received those letters that you copied and pasted from the internet about a billion times. We don't recommend using them!

4. Anyone who ever says they've received death threats from the credit bureaus (or that they're being sued, bla bla bla, you get it... right?) These clowns hardly deserve mention but people still go to them so we had to mention it. We have NEVER been sued by or received a death threat from a credit bureau. They haven't even broken into our houses to steal our amazing credit secrets! (Weird, huh?)

So where can you really go when you need credit repair help?

The best advice we can give is to find someone with a solid HISTORY in the industry and EXPERIENCE that you can verify and count on.

Don't just go for free and cheap, because all too often you just get what you pay for. Going the "free and cheap" route could cost you substantially more in the long run when you fail to get the best results possible.

One good way to find qualified help: Try to figure out who everyone else is copying. We've had people trying to mimic and knock off our stuff for years. Sometimes we have people come to us who have been ripped off by some poor-quality copy cat... and while we're glad they found us, it is sad to hear about the money and time they lost chasing the "cheap" with some knock-off.

We've been in this business for over 15 years, and we have professional relationships with the biggest names in the industry. We have loads of experience and expertise that you won't find anywhere else. If you want the most qualified credit repair help you can get, there are really only a couple of possible places to get it.

The Credit Repair Intelligence System is one of those places. And we believe that it is the best choice for consumers like you.



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