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What Is The Most Important First Step In Credit Repair?

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Most of the time people talk about repairing credit, they say that the first step is to get your credit reports.

That's a good first step, but it isn't the most important first step you should take.

There is one step that you should take BEFORE any other that can make or break your credit repair efforts. It could be the difference between a 650 and a 720 FICO score. (It's that important!)

So what is THE most important first step to credit repair?



A lot of people waste a LOT of MONEY and TIME because they fail to give this first step its deserved consideration.

Some people are thinking "easy", so they search Google for the term "Credit Repair Company", and often end up doing business with one of the companies from the top of the list.

We won't go into the details about credit repair company limitations today, but we can safely say that the person who thinks "easy" and finds a credit repair company online isn't going to get the QUALITY of work on their credit that they would get if they did the credit repair themselves.

Other people are thinking "cheap and easy" so they do tons of "research" online in an attempt to find all the information and "credit repair letters" that they think will do the trick.

The problem with that approach is that many of those people will find illegal and unethical tactics, and could get themselves in trouble. Others will find canned credit repair letters that have been used thousands of times, and that will NOT be as effective when disputing with today's credit bureaus.

Others yet, think "smart", and they spend their research efforts instead on finding the best "do it yourself" credit repair system that there is.

If they are lucky, those people will end up at and learn about the Credit Repair Intelligence System.

Why are we so insistent that the Credit Repair Intelligence System is the best there is?

Because with it, you get the "best of both worlds."

- You get the latest cutting edge credit repair information from a company DEDICATED to RESEARCHING, WRITING, and PUBLISHING the absolute "BEST" in credit repair information. You can rest assured that there are no illegal or unethical methods taught here.

- You can avoid the shortcomings of using a credit repair company because you'll be doing the work yourself.

- You don't have to worry about the problems of using "Canned" credit repair letters because with the "Random Dispute Generator" from the C.R.I. System, you'll get randomly unique versions of our letters to use.

- Since credit repair can be a "swim against the current" affair, you'll have all the support you need in the form of our members-only forum with answers and help available directly from our expert staff.

Now we're not going to pretend that we're unbiased. We created the Credit Repair Intelligence System, and we obviously think it is the best.

You are free to try any other system you want, and of course, you do so at your own risk.

Whatever you do, make sure you choose a system for credit repair that you have confidence in and feel comfortable with. It is TRULY the most "important" first step that you'll take on the road to better credit.


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