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Can My Low Credit Score Get Me Turned Down For The Job I Want?

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One of our staff told a story once about when he was a supervisor at a non-profit in the area of social work. He had interviewed two job candidates as a favor for the HR Department, and after the interviews he felt that "Job Applicant A" was the clear winner.

"Job Applicant A" had loads of experience, a great attitude, and all the necessary skills.

"Job Applicant B" on the other hand had a rather poor attitude, was late to the interview, did not have ANY related experience, and just gave an overall "bad" impression.

Want to take a guess at who got the job?

"Job Applicant B."

You might think that's crazy, and we kind of do too... but let's explain further.

The non-profit in question always ran credit checks for new applicants, regardless of the position that they were being hired for. Upon obtaining the credit reports of the two job applicants, the HR Department discovered that "Job Applicant A" had some credit problems several years back, while "Job Applicant B" had perfect credit.

So even though "Job Applicant A" had virtually EVERYTHING that the organization was looking for, they chose "Job Applicant B" instead because of one thing:


It had nothing to do with qualifications or attitude, and had everything to do with credit.

Perhaps we should write a book entitled "How To Go To A Job Interview With NO Qualifications and A Horrible Attitude And STILL Get the Job!"

It would be a short book.

Once sentence would do it, in fact:

"Have great credit."

We really hope that most companies put more thought into "who" gets the job than just what the credit report says. But the sad reality is, having bad credit WILL slow you down in virtually every part of your financial life... INCLUDING your job hunt.

Yes, your low credit score CAN keep you from getting the job you want.

According to recent statistics, as many as 65% of employers now check credit for at least some positions.

And the higher paying the position is, the more likely it is that there will be a credit check involved.

If you want to have the best chances of success in your financial and professional life, then the only reasonable thing to do is to start the work to FIX YOUR CREDIT today.

With good credit you will have better chances at getting the home, car, and yes--even job--that you want.

And as we've learned today, with bad credit you could have all the qualifications in the world and still not make the cut. It's just all the more reason to get the Credit Repair Intelligence System and work on repairing your credit and raising your FICO score today!


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