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What is The C.R.I. System Random Dispute Generator And How Can It Help Me Improve My Credit Score?

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The Credit Repair Intelligence System's "Random Dispute Generator is a tool designed for one important purpose:


It is a web-based tool that comes as part of the online membership portion of the Credit Repair Intelligence System.

It is capable of generating millions variations of the credit dispute letters that are found in the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide. To get your own randomly generated version of one of the disputes, you simply have to select which dispute you want, click a button, and BINGO! You have a unique dispute that is all your own, and ready to customize further for your needs.

From there you can format the letter using the online interface and then copy and past it into a word document to add the finishing touches.

Why is the Random Dispute Generator the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to credit repair letters?

We've always told people that custom disputes, written in their own words, were better than "boiler plate" or "template" credit repair letters.

The reasoning was simple:

If the bureaus were receiving the same canned letter over and over, surely they would eventually catch on and start ignoring those letters.

And that is exactly what eventually happened: the credit bureaus caught on.

In recent years the credit bureaus have made considerable progress towards automating the entire dispute handling process. Letters are scanned via "O.C.R." technology (similar to what is used by the post office) and can then be compared to a massive database of letters already received. If your letter is detected as a "canned"/boiler-plate credit repair letter, then guess what happens?

Your letter can be flagged as frivolous!

So now, more than ever, it is important that your credit disputes be UNIQUE, CUSTOMIZED, and perhaps most important of all: FACTUAL!

It's important to start with a unique dispute, customize it further with documentation and details, and keep it FACTUAL. Then if your dispute does get ignored, flagged as frivolous, or the item comes back verified, you will have a better chance of having a "legal leg to stand on" so that you can carry on the fight through the appropriate channels.

On the other hand, if you've copied and pasted a letter from some random website or used one from a credit repair company, and used some generic "not mine" approach rather than a factual letter based on the truth, you will probably hit a wall (and rightfully so), and have no further leverage to work with for "round 2".

So how does this help me improve my credit score, again?

The answer is simple. The C.R.I. Random Dispute Generator gives you the BEST possible start to the dispute process by letting you choose the factual dispute that best fits your situation, and generating a random version of that dispute out of millions of possibilities.

You can then customize it further, which will further improve your chances of success.

How Can I Get Access To The Random Dispute Generator?

The only way to get access to the Random Dispute Generator is through the Credit Repair Intelligence System.

The Credit Repair Intelligence System is the ultimate system for do it yourself credit repair, as it gives you access to the latest information in print and online, hands-on-support from our in-house experts, PLUS exclusive access to the one-of-a-kind Random Dispute Generator.

You won't find another system like it, guaranteed.


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