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CreditRepairPublishing.com is the publisher of the Credit Secrets Bible (in print for over 20 years), and now the all new Credit Repair Intelligence System.

We aim to help you achieve the life that you deserve! The Credit Repair Intelligence System and our Members-Only Forum are both one of a kind. For over 22 years we been helping people just like you repair their credit. We have given thousands the life they have always wanted by giving them the knowledge to rebuild and fix credit and debt issues. Start with some of our free reports and videos on this site to see why the Credit Repair Intelligence System is the fastest legal way to repair credit or even to just build more credit!

We'd love to hear your input about this site and the services and products we offer, so please feel free to contact us by visiting our helpdesk at www.myclienthelp.com or by using the contact information in on the "Contact Us" tab above.

Please note that we are not a credit repair company. We publish and distribute educational materials that allow users to learn different legal and effective ways to build their own credit. Although we can provide services to answer questions about how credit repair and building credit work we do not perform credit repair services nor do we gain access to your credit score information or credit report. If you have any questions regarding the products and services we provide please contact the support team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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