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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • What’s Fraud Costing You?
    Credit Card Fraud is one of the most common forms of ID theft out there. It can also severely damage your credit score and ruin your credit reports. What can you do to protect yourself? Well you could always sign up for one of those ID Protection Services. But those are expensive and you can [...]
  • Working on Better Credit? What You Need To Know About Dispute Letters
    Here at CR Publishing we are dedicated to helping you to build great credit. But what if you’ve already had a problem and you’re trying to repair or improve a less than stellar FICO or credit score? Well, some people prefer to learn about the system and to gradually and effectively improve their own credit. [...]
  • What is The Members-Only Forum
    What are you doing right now? Maybe you are sitting enjoying your morning beverage and thinking about the day ahead; maybe you are reading this looking for ways to get that house, apartment, or car that you need and want. And maybe you are just looking for a great way to build credit. We can’t [...]

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Can I Do A Better Job Fixing My Credit Myself?

Can you really do a better job fixing your credit yourself?

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