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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • Why over 143 Million People Now Hate One Company…
    The Equifax data breach and what you need to know. Have you ever heard of Equifax? If you haven’t let me tell you a little more. Equifax is the largest of the three main credit bureaus in the US. It started in 1898 and as a credit bureau, their business is you. More specifically your data. [...]
  • Why 12 Million Consumers Are About to See Their Credit Scores Dramatically Improve!
    Dan Sater shares why 12 million + consumers might be getting a major score boost this July.
  • 7 Steps For Rebuilding Credit
    When many people think about credit repair, they think about “ removing negative“ from their credit report. Unfortunately, they stop there. What those people are missing is that there is more to improving your credit score than just removing negative items. A portion of your score consists of credit utilization, for instance. So while removing [...]

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3 Ways Banks, Credit Bureaus and Collectors Violate Federal Law

We've said it over and over. No bank, collector, or credit bureau is going to be excited about your efforts to fix your credit. They system they're a part of is geared to work against you and your quest for good credit.

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